Twins make formal offer to Cuddyer

DALLAS — Twins general manager Terry Ryan confirmed he met with free-agent outfielder Michael Cuddyer’s agent, Casey Close, today, and that an offer is on the table.

Ryan wouldn’t talk specifics about the offer, but according to multiple reports, it’s expected to be in the three-year, $24 million range.

He said there’s still no timetable for when Cuddyer will make a decision, but that he hopes that he comes to a decision sooner rather than later.

“There will be finality eventually,” Ryan said. “I’m not sure how close we are to that point.”

Ryan added that the Twins have the advantage of being the only team Cuddyer has ever known, as he was drafted by the club in 1997 and made his debut in Minnesota in ’01.

“The situation with Michael is that there’s a relationship,” Ryan said. “We know him, and he knows us. We know his agent, he knows us. There’s not a whole lot of educational process in this. He’s known us for years. He’s played for the manager and knows the community. There isn’t any mystery here, and that’s a good thing. But I guess the bad thing is that we’re coming off a tough year.”

As Ryan noted, the Twins are coming off a 99-loss season that saw them finish with the worst record in the American League. Cuddyer, who is a career .338 hitter in 22 postseason games, would like to play for a winning team, and known suitors include perennial contenders such as the Phillies and Red Sox.

So Ryan said there’s still no guarantee that Cuddyer will be back in a Twins uniform next year despite the formal offer.

“We’re chasing Michael Cuddyer,” Ryan said. “If we don’t get Michael, we have to make alternative plans. I didn’t think there’s any hidden agenda here. We’d like to have Michael but if we don’t get him and he goes elsewhere, we’ll move on and do something else.”

Other options for the Twins if Cuddyer signs with another club include fellow free-agent outfielders Jason Kubel and Josh Willingham. The Twins already met with Kubel’s agent in Dallas, and are tentatively planned to meet with Willingham’s agent later this week.

Cuddyer also had a busy day today, as his wife, Claudia, gave birth to twin daughters, Chloe and Madeline. Ryan indicated it could be a reason why Cuddyer hasn’t made a decision yet on his future.

“Everybody has responsibility in that area,” Ryan said. “For those of us married, when your wife is pregnant and is about to have twins, your mind is on something other than baseball.”


I love Cuddyer, but I love the Twin’s much much more. Been FAN since 1961. Cuddyer needs to get off the fence, or the Twin’s should give him a DEADLINE ASAP……There is lots of other business to get done, so “the team isn’t left without a chair.”

I am so tired of reading, hearing about and seeing people comment on the loss of Cuddyer as a Twin. Cuddyer ( my opinion) was offered a real good contract and he opted out of a Twins uniform for about $1.5 million spread over 3 years. ($28.5 Mil vs $30 mil). You cannot convince me that $1.5 million is gonna make or break him. He left for other reasons that no one wants to touch on. It might be pride, thinking Willingham was an insult to him, it might be pride that the Twins did not want to wait on him any longer, who knows? The fact is he left on his own accord. Same thing with Hunter, and Knocblach. Sanatana was just a bit different because he made it clear before negotiation talks that he wanted more money than the Twins could offer. ( I might add that the Mets got screwed by Santana because he hasn’t pitched much since he signed).
Kubel, sadly to say, was the odd man out of the Twins this year. Either his foot is hurt more than anyone is saying or Kubel is looking to advance his career by batting in Coors field. He signed for basically the same that the Twins offered.
Nahan left Minnesota in search of a World Series Ring. Some players have no loyalty, they just want a trophy, even if it is shallow in thoughts. He knew the Twins are not a World Series contender for at least the next 6 years so he moved on. ( Kirby Puckett would be disappointed in him). Sai la vie I guess. Sad to see him put trinkets in front of true fan and home base loyalty.

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