Joel Zumaya’s contract info

MINNEAPOLIS — It’s been widely reported that Joel Zumaya’s one-year deal with the Twins is worth $800,o00 with incentives that could push it to $1.8 million, but here are the full details of his contract.

Zumaya is actually set to make $850,000, but is only guaranteed $400,000, which means that’s how much the club will pay him if they decide to cut him during Spring Training. Zumaya, however, only has to prove his healthy, as he’s nearly a lock to make the team as long as he doesn’t get hurt.

He has bonuses based on appearances, as he gets $50,000 for pitching in 30 games, $50,000 for 35 games, $100,000 for 40 games, $125,000 for 45 games, $150,000 for 50 games, $200,000 for 55 games and $250,00 for 60 games.

Zumaya’s career high in games pitched is 62, which was set in his rookie season in 2006. Since then, however, Zumaya has only reached the 30-game mark once, which was in 2010 when he appeared in 31 games.

But if he were to stay healthy and pitch in more than 60 games, he’d make an additional $900,000, which would bring his salary to $1.75 million.

Additionally, he would receive $25,000 for being named an All-Star, $50,000 for being the ALCS MVP and $100,000 for being World Series MVP.

He’d also get $100,000 for winning the Rolaids Relief Man Award. He’d receive $75,000 for a second-place finish, or $50,000 for a third-place showing.


I like a lot of the younger free agent relievers they signed in the off season.

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