Justin Morneau gives some clarification

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Twins first baseman Justin Morneau made headlines on Friday, when he held his first media session and said that if his concussion-like symptoms continue there “won’t be a career.”

But Morneau clarified those comments this morning, saying that while those symptoms could end his career, he doesn’t expect them to.

At first, he joked when asked if he heard about the frenzy he created on Twitter, asking, “What’s Twitter?” but then got serious about clarifying his original comments.

“Somebody told me,” Morneau said. “I think there was a lot of positive things we walked about. I was asked a question, I gave an honest answer and that was it.You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if the stuff continues I probably wouldn’t be able to play again. It wasn’t anything other than stating the obvious.

“I also said that I don’t expect that to happen. I don’t anticipate that to happen. That’s something that’s in the back, maybe five percent, of my mind. But you have to, obviously, you have to look at all the options and everything that’s happened. You kind of look to see what you want to be beside a baseball player when you’re done playing. Sometimes you have control when that is and most of the time you don’t. Most of the time guys are still trying to play and either their body doesn’t let them or whatever it is or there’s other guys coming along. One of those things where I was wondering what I would be if I wasn’t a baseball player.”

Morneau has been getting through workouts just fine so far, but said he still hasn’t been told whether he’ll play in the club’s Grapefruit League opener against the Rays on Saturday.

But he had an encouraging sign yesterday, when he hit a homer off left-hander Francisco Liriano during a live batting session.

“I’d never hit a homer in that, especially when they weren’t telling us what was coming,” Morneau said. “I think I’ve done it once when they were still telling us what was coming, but I was more encouraged by the fact that I was able to react when we didn’t know what was coming. That was the positive I’ll take out of that, whether the ball goes over the fence or not. It’s a bonus if it does. But to stand in there and react to a fastball — he was throwing pretty firm — I’ll take the positives out of that, and try to ignore the slider I missed by four feet.”

More to come at Twinsbaseball.com later today.


I’ll be glad to see Justin really get back into the swing of things. We need a good year full of healthy players. When this plague of sickness ends, the Twins will be a great force to behold once again.

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