Span collides with fence, says he’s OK

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Twins center fielder Denard Span crashed into the chain-link fence in center field trying to rob Trevor Plouffe of a home run during a simulated game on one of the club’s practice fields today.

Span, though, said he felt OK after the running into the fence and only suffered a cut lip. He continued to play center field after the collision and took batting practice without any issues.

“I was kind of drifting towards the ball but I had no idea the fence was that close,” Span said. “I went to reach up and catch the ball, felt like I had the ball in my glove, soon as I reached up to catch the ball, my face smacked right up against the fence. So I had a little bit of a busted lip.”

Span, who dealt with concussion-like symptoms last year after sustaining a concussion in a home-plate collision on June 3, said the collision didn’t retrigger any immediate symptoms.

He also said that everything has been going great so far in camp, as he’s participated in workouts every day without any issues.

“I’ve been feeling pretty good,” Span said. “I mean, this is probably the most I’ve done, even in the offseason; you work out four or five times a week and you’ve got the weekend to kind of relax a little bit. So this is the first two weeks in a row that I’ve done every day. I’ve felt better on certain days; I haven’t felt the same every day. But overall I’ve been able to participate in everything and go through every drill.”

Span said the only thing he’s been battling is fatigue, as he cut caffeine out of his diet and has been taking daily naps after practice. But he said he’s planning on drinking caffeine again soon after he consults with his doctor.

He added that he plans on playing in Saturday’s Grapefruit League opener against the Rays but hadn’t heard any official word from manager Ron Gardenhire.

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