Ryan to continue to listen to offers before Deadline

MINNEAPOLIS — The Twins made their first trade as sellers late Saturday night, when they sent left-hander Francisco Liriano to the White Sox for infielder Eduardo Escobar and left-hander Pedro Hernandez.

But it might not be their only trade before Tuesday’s Trade Deadline, as clubs have interest in first baseman Justin Morneau and outfielders Denard Span and Josh Willingham.

Twins general manager Terry Ryan wouldn’t rule out another deal, as he said he’ll be listening in on offers until the deadline.

“We’ll do a little bit of everything,” Ryan said. “You have to make sure your options are open. If you have a chance to do something good, you do it. There’s no harm in exploring.”

Ryan, though, wouldn’t say how likely it is that the Twins make another trade after dealing Liriano.

“I have no idea,” Ryan said. “That’s a tough thing to quantify. I don’t know. I felt like this thing with Frankie was going to happen because there was interest in pitching and we didn’t talk about an extension.”

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