Gardenhire holds closed-door meeting after loss

TORONTO — Twins manager Ron Gardenhire had seen enough.

He saw his players being too uptight during their recent skid and decided it was time to hold a team meeting after yet another defeat on Friday night.

The post-game speech came after Kevin Correia was tormented by Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista, who provided two RBIs — one on a solo homer — to hand the Twins a 4-0 loss Rogers Centre. It extended the Twins’ losing streak to six games, as they’ve now lost 11 of their last 14.

“It seems like the air goes out of us too quick,” Gardenhire said. “We need to rebound better. I told the boys this is baseball and they’re making it like a job right now. That was the message for them tonight — it’s baseball and we’re going to have some fun. These guys are working their tails off. They got out there and do everything they can but the games aren’t clicking for us so we need to go back to relaxing and having fun.”

Correia, who gave up four runs on 10 hits and three walk over six innings to get pegged with the loss, said Gardenhire’s postgame message was well-received by his teammates.

“We’re just trying to stay loose,” Correia said. “I think your first instinct when things aren’t going good is to tense up and try to force something to happen. But that isn’t a good way to play baseball. We need be loose and have a good time. That’s how you usually play your best.”

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