Rhett Bollinger is the Twins beat reporter for MLB.com. A Los Angeles native and USC graduate, he began with MLB.com in 2008 as an associate reporter covering the Angels.


If morneau can’t remain healthy, at what point do the Twins have the doctors take a look into him retiring? Seems like too large a contract not to have doctors look at retiring him and sending it to contract insurance. Hate to think ill of a great player, but if you can’t play-you can’t play and insurance covers the contract.

What the heck is wrong with Joe Mauer ? Did the concussion he suffered ruin his formerly great eye -hand coordination and timing ? He is not even worth half of his yearly salary. I would encourage the Twins to strongly urge Mauer to retire, thus clearing 25 million for free agent signings. Move Sano to first base. He can go to Arizona league to learn the position. He’ll end up there eventually, ala Miguel Cabrera.
Sincerely, Bob MacFarlane, 53 years a Twins fan from NY. Harmon Killebrew was a hero to me as a ten year old. Got hooked on the Twins then.

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